Positive Coaching Scotland

We will, through rugby, create a positive, inclusive environment in which to develop young people, by valuing:

  • Friendship & Respect
  • Inclusion & Involvement
  • Enjoyment & Fun
  • Ambition & Competition

Our Coaching Philosophy is to

  • enjoy playing rugby, by promoting a positive environment
  • develop players continuously, by learning both on and off the field
  • compete, by setting achievable goals and learning from our mistakes
  • achieve, by valuing teamwork and respect, and recognising that success is a result of persistent effort

The Core Values of Piranhas Rugby at PRFC are:


  • All participants create an enjoyable environment by bBringing a playful attitude to Piranhas, and by respecting the rules and spirit of the game
  • Coaches create an environment by getting to know the personality of the individual players so can support and develop the individual
  • Coaches incorporate playful intention to coaching and game preparation


  • Accepting and respecting members of your team of all abilities. If somebody makes a mistake they receive encouragement. If they do something well it gets recognition and praise.
  • Respect yourself by developing self control
  • Respect the coach by listening and following instruction.
  • Respect referees by communicating through the captain and accepting decisions even if they go against you.


  • Development and nurturing of the individual and team is achieved by getting to know the characteristics and personalities of the individuals within the team.
  • Develop can occur through the challenges of winning , losing, injuries etc or through more guided individual challenges set by coaches.